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Kit Erection

Roof Profiles developed the patented "Edge Protection Safety System" which assists greatly in the milestones of the critical build path by offering many advantages during the build stage including:

  • Increased speed of build
  • Reduced building costs
  • Improved health and safety
  • Continuity of Work

A recent independent case study of the Edge Protection system by Strathclyde University, found substantial economic savings as well as a work environment that was around 80% safer than traditional timber building erections. The study also highlighted faster build speed and direct environmental benefits from choosing the Edge Protection System over traditional techniques.

The erection of the timber frame kit can be started the instant that the concrete ground floor slab is available, reducing initial time to build by at least one week. Once erected, internal follow-on trades can gain access instantly, without having to wait for scaffolding to be removed, saving on average two weeks per house.

This system of erection allows for greater continuity in progressing along the "critical build path" and helps to achieve significant milestones earlier. This results in projects being completed on time, within budget, on shorter timescales and all without compromising health and safety or build quality.

The Edge Protection System disclosed and described herein is the subject of International Patent Application No. PCT/GB2007/004656 (published as WO 2008/068483). Furthermore, components of the Edge Protection System are covered by various domestic and foreign Registered Designs and Design Applications as follows; in EU (715883-0001, 715883-0002, 715883-0003, 715883-0004, 715883-0005), Australia (20563/2007, 20564/2007, 20565/2007, 20566/2007, 20567/2007), Canada (123030, 123028, 123027, 123026, 123029), New Zealand (409961, 409962, 409963, 409964, 409965) and the United States (29/292913, 29/292914, 29/292915, 29/292916, 29/292940).

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